Saturday, September 25, 2010

I felt like the worst parent...

Even though I know I am not, and even though sometimes things happen and I have no control over them. I only felt that way for a second but it was enough. I love my boys more than anything (besides my husband) in the world and hate when I can’t protect them from even the smallest of things. We were heading to view many pieces of artwork at the Grand Rapids Artprize. An art show where over 1200 artists find venues in the area to display their work. It’s pretty amazing. We were getting our stroller out of the van, loading up the stroller and getting warmer jackets on for the 50 degree weather. Brody has been walking for almost a month now, but he’s gotten really good at walking this past week. It took him a while to walk in pants because he learned most of his steps in the summer. He spent half the summer in shorts, the other half he was either in a diaper or naked, which seems to happen a lot around here. He conquered the pants but still has to learn how to walk in real shoes. Those little leather, slipper-like shoes is what he has been wearing. Any little thing can throw Brody off balance. I wonder why I didn't think anything of putting a giant, padded winter coat on him. I forget that even though I am a mother of four, sometimes things still seem brand new to me too!
Five minutes into our adventure and Brody's face met the concrete. The jacket added so much more weight, Brody couldn't lift his hands to break his fall.  All we heard was a thud and then tears! He instantly had a huge egg on his forhead and a scrape on and under his eye. I scooped him up in my arms and ran him to the first building I could see that might have an icepack. I was frustrated with myself, but since Kyle was standing next to him I felt an urge to blame him. I held my tongue. I think I gave him a frustrated look, but it was absolutely not his fault. When something breaks my heart, my first reaction is to want to blame someone else. I am glad God forgives even little things that go on inside of me that no one else sees. He's the best of all fathers!
 I ran to the Children's Museum. They felt so bad for Brody and ran and got him an icepack, all along commenting on how tough Brody was for not even crying one time while we were there. We are members there so we stayed a while.  Brody didn’t like the ice pack, but I don't really know one kid that does. He has a pretty good “boo boo” to show for his adventure in the medium city of Grand Rapids.
The rest of the day was great! Being in downtown when so much is going on is lots of fun. All the people created lots of energy. So many things to look at! Kyle commented on how many of his Minnesota friends would love Artprize, and how a few would be good contenders. Sawyer and Brody were snuggled in their stroller taking all the different pieces of art into their little minds. With all the venues to look at they were mostly excited about the tractors, trucks and buses that passed by on the streets. Oh, and the river! Sawyer loved seeing the river.  
We got the best deal for lunch at Quiznos- we think anyway! All four of us had meals, four drinks, chips, cookies…all for 13 bucks! Gotta love any place where kids eat free!
After lunch we saw more exhibits. We even got to go to the Public Museum. Kyle and I had our wedding reception there just over 3 years ago. We walked around and let the boys ride the caraousel just like we did the night of our wedding. They smiled many smiles going up and down. Sawyer dimples are such a joy to me. I stared at him and told myself to remember this moment while he is so happy just riding a wooden horse. We told them how the last time we rode that caraousel we had just gotten married. They were too young to really understand, but it was still fun for us to tell them. I'm sure someday they will get sick of hearing that story, but I won't ever be tired of telling them. :)

Brody doesn't like to sit still, so he's waiting for it to move :)

Love those dimples. Sawyer's smile is wonderful when it's real.
Finally we got to walk across the bridge and under the bridge, all so we could be closer to the river. Sawyer's one request when we told him we were going downtown. We took lots of pictures!

Still working on the posed smile. See what I mean about his real vs. fake smile?

We got to see so many different pieces of work while we were down looking around. Here are a few of the many we saw.

A giant penny made out of 80,000 actual pennies.

There were pianos set up all over, decorated differently, for enjoyment to those who wanted to play

Amazing that this is made from airsoft gun pellets.

The time we spent there was fun however, we were ready to leave after a few hours.  On our way home the boys got a quick nap, but we woke them up as soon as we got home so that they would have an early bed time. As much as we love our children, we really enjoy having a night, every once and a while, to spend together watching movies, without interruption.

Tomorrow we get to worship at church. Kyle is playing and I am singing. We love being a part of our church. Football is in the afternoon where we are expecting the Vikings to crush the Detroit Lions. Monday I get my HCG levels checked again. Praying they keep dropping quickly! When they are fewer than 5 we can start actively trying again! We are ready to begin that journey again!


  1. I am bummed I did not see you:( Poor Brody! I will give him a kiss when I see him tomorrow. I love the pictures. Great job. You are a great Mom.

  2. I felt so bad for him. But he is a champ! He cried for one minute and was done!

  3. sounds like such a fun day! i love seeing pictures of you two and the boys, since we live so far away from you guys. The one of Sawyer smiling on the carousel is adorable!

  4. Thanks Devin! I feel the same way about you guys! Hope to see you guys very soon!