Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How I Met My Husband...

I was just thinking this morning how blessed I am to have Kyle in my life. He is so much more than I could have dreamed my husband would be. Sure, there are times when we have disagreements and lots of times where he does things I think are a little weird. My life is not perfect, by any means, but God has blessed me in so many ways by allowing Kyle to be my husband.

I was thinking about when we first met. We actually met because of myspace! My best friends here were his friends as well. Kyle lived in Minnesota so he was a couple states away but kept in touch with our friends enough for me to have noticed him. I didn’t think much about it, but I thought it was cool he was from Minnesota since I grew up there. Oh, and I thought he was cute too, but that is as far as I took it. I had decided I wasn’t going to date anymore until I was sure God was making it very clear that it was okay. Little did I know, Kyle was already pursuing me and was planning a trip to Michigan to meet me on my birthday, if God would allow it. And little did he know what he was getting into. J

Me and my bible study on my birthday the night I met Kyle. Only picture I have from that night :)
 So August 18, 2006 my bible study took me out to Logan’s for my birthday. I didn’t even know Kyle was already in town and was staying at Carol and Isaiah’s (our mutual myspace friends). I told Carol, during my birthday party, that I was going to sleep at her house, which I really liked to do as often as I could. They were my family here. Carol was like my sister and that meant I could just invite myself over for a sleepover. Carol’s response surprised me. She said she had to check with Isaiah first. I thought that was interesting, but Isaiah said yes and I didn’t even think about it again that night. We pulled into Carol’s driveway and there is where I met my future husband. I remember getting out of the car and meeting Kyle and then I said “Do you want to see my presents?” I now know that Kyle thought, at that moment, I was shorter than what he thought I would be and I talked more than he thought I wouldJ. It was one of the best birthdays I had so far. We played hide-and-go-seek in the dark. I remember hiding with Carol and laughing so hard I almost wet my pants. I remember having so much fun just being myself. I remember staying up late and comparing myspace pages with Kyle. We also talked about God and I remember Kyle telling me a story about Peter in the bible. That night I finally understood what Carol was telling me about me waiting for a Godly man. Not just a man that believed in God and went to church, but a man who had a real relationship with God. Kyle changed all my expectations that night for what I dreamed of for my future husband. Not once that night did I ever think it would be Kyle. That’s exactly how God wanted it to be!

Me and one of my best friends in the world, Carol- one of the reasons Kyle and I met!
I saw him one other time that weekend and when I was saying goodbye to Kyle, he handed me one of his band’s CDs (Cathode Rae). I listened to it right away and then thought maybe it would be cool if my future husband could sing and play guitar too J. Then I decided that didn’t have to be a priority but a nice bonus if God would bless me with that. I knew God had the perfect person for me, but at that moment my heart really longed to be God’s alone. I knew there would be a time where God would allow me to fall in love but I was going to be patient. 
This is how little the boys were when Kyle met them.

The next week I spoke with Carol and she mentioned that she thought Kyle was interested in me. I didn’t think so at all. What on earth would a guy with a good job, who was good looking, who loved God with all his heart and was in a band (smile) want a damaged girl who had a past, had kids and who was divorced. I knew God loved me just as I was and I wasn’t ashamed anymore of the person I was. I believed I was a new person because of God’s grace and forgiveness. I loved myself again but I told Carol I didn’t think she was right on this one.

Kyle and I on my trip to Minnesota.
Kyle and I emailed each other over the month. I had a wedding to go to in Minnesota in September, so we planned to hang out there a couple days. On September 7 we had our first date, although neither one of us would dare call it a date at the time. We spent the day in downtown Minneapolis and covered a lot of areas. We went to the Keys CafĂ© at the Foshay, walked around downtown, spent time talking at Lowry Park, visited the popular Cherry Spoon, and finished it off with a little bite to eat at Noodles and Company. I remember so much of that day. I felt so comfortable with Kyle and at peace. September 7 has come to be a very significant day for us. In 2009 we had our little Brody and this past year we learned of our miscarriage on this day.

Kyle continued to pursue me the rest of the year. He visited Michigan a couple times and spent time with Grant and Pierce. There was one period where we didn’t talk for three weeks! During that time God worked in both of us to prepare us for each other. He prepared Kyle’s heart to be a husband and a father and he prepared my heart to be a wife. Kyle came to Michigan to bring in the New Year and take me to our church “prom”. That weekend we started dating but no kissing until later. We knew we were going to get married and Kyle knew when, but he didn’t tell me.
The Prom

Kyle spending time with G&P before he had to fly back to Minnesota.

Kyle with the boys on our visit.
In February, I took Grant and Pierce on a road trip to Minnesota to meet Kyle’s family. We had no idea we would be welcomed and loved the way we were. Grant and Pierce fell in love with Kyle’s family and his family’s two dogs. That same week, February 9, Kyle kissed me for the first time. No making out until the engagementJ. I didn’t have to wait too much longer because on a trip to visit my mom and her family, April 9, Kyle proposed to me. It was perfect…rose petals and candles everywhere. I was so surprised too!

Some of Kyle's wonderful family!

Kyle with the boys- the first week they met Fridley.

The proposal
The next four months were a whirlwind, but they were wonderful! I had my dream wedding and married my dream man on August 11! Of course I left out so many details throughout this story. There were a lot of little miracles that happened along the way. I have saved all the myspace emails and reread them often. Now that I know Kyle I can see little things in those early emails that let me know he liked me a lotJ. God’s timing is perfect. His grace is amazing! I didn’t deserve any of what God gave me, but he gave me more than I could have dreamed. I love my hot husband! Thanks God!!
Me and Kyle being me and Kyle.


  1. You are the cutest person in the world, I can hardly stand it! Kyle, too, of course! Love you guys and love your story!!!!

    (Can't figure out how to make this look like this is from me (Rachelle)and not my sweetie, but I think you can guess which of us would be reading your blog and calling you out on your ridiculous cuteness :)

  2. Ha ha ha! I figured! Thanks a bunch Rachelle! I'm getting so excited for your baby to get here! Love you guys too! Thanks for reading it :)

  3. Tonee~ I LOVE it! I LOVE YOU!! I cannot believe how fast time goes... And how so much has changed!