Saturday, February 19, 2011

A little update

Just thought I would update this blog even though I have no computer right now, only my iPad. Typing on the iPad makes things a little harder. Things here have been uneventful but good! I am realizing more and more how quickly time goes by and how fast my kids are growing. I really love being a mom! I love being Kyle's wife.

Tomorrow we are expecting more severe weather. This coming after a beautiful week of warmer temperatures. My 10 year old bet my husband that there would be no more snow. After living here almost his whole life, he still doesn't quite understand Michigan winters. I think him losing the bet will mean he has to wear a t-shirt to school with my husband's picture on it. That makes me laugh thinking of it. Although I don't even think Pierce will care. He is so unaffected when it comes to his appearance.

My house needs some attention. Maybe I will spend some time on my laundry pile tomorrow. The one great thing about folding a mountain of laundry is I can watch an entire movie while I fold. It literally takes me that long. Sometimes 2 movies! Laundry is not my forte. My basement also could use some airing out after the boys had a sleepover last night. When I walked down the basement stairs, the overwhelming smell of "boy" hit me and it was not pleasant. Dirty socks and sweat...yuck! :)

This is about all I have to report right now. I am quite sure there will be more to report at the end of this coming week. Until then I will keep surfing the net reading other people's blogs :)

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