Thursday, February 24, 2011

Big Brothers

We had two snow days this week! The boys thought it was great and so did I. I had to get this sweet picture of them reading together. They were unaware I was going to snap it. What mom couldn't love the sight of her older boys taking care of their little brothers so well? Grant and Pierce are great big brothers. More often than not they are playing with or helping Brody and Sawyer. Like in this picture below...

I know this picture is a little blurry but you can see how much fun the little boys are having while Grant pushes Brody in the doll stroller chasing Sawyer all over the house. This game is a favorite in the Hoff house. Grant and Pierce are also good at cuddling up on the couch with their brothers to watch movies.

Today I was uploading pictures on my computer and I found some of the boys when I married Kyle. I can't believe how little they were just 3.5 years ago. I think about how perfect God's timing is when he allowed Kyle to be their step-dad. They were so excited for him to be a part of our family.

  I also think about the timing of God allowing Sawyer to be part of our family. It was earlier than what we were expecting, but how amazing it was for Grant and Pierce to be big brothers. With Sawyer, they were a little hesitant, but still so excited to meet him.

When Brody was born they were not the least bit shy about holding him or talking to him. I still haven't gotten them to be comfortable changing diapers yet :). God's timing of our little Brody was perfect too.

Grant and Pierce have far exceeded my expectations I had for them being big brothers. They are looking forward to doing it again. Hopefully that will be soon!

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