Monday, January 31, 2011

Today was...

The boys on their way to school last year
(The pictures in this blog are just ones that make me smile. I didn't have anything new to add)

Most of today was just ....ugh! No fun! So glad to have these days so I can appreciate the good ones when they happen. And nothing major happened, but sometimes it's those little things that make the day feel long and frustrating.

First off, I got up and got ready to drop Pierce off at school and head to Meijer. Grocery shopping is sometimes fun for me, but most of the time I just want to get it over with. Today we were out of everything! I was a little prepared with a small list. By the time we were done, I had groceries falling out of the cart, it was so full! Brody was contained in the front of the cart, but there was no room for Sawyer so he "helped". He put unwanted food items in the basket just about every time I went to grab something we needed. When he wasn't doing that he would go to the shelves that were his level and push everything back as far as it would go. I'm sure the people who stock the shelves loved pulling everything back up front. Got through the checkout and, of course, I forgot three important things. I parked the cart of groceries I had purchased next to the greeter up front, ran and got my items, paid for them, got the boys jackets was then I remembered Sawyer was in underwear now. I took our coats off, re-parked my cart next to the greeter and took him to the bathroom. Finally, I made it out to the car, unloaded all my groceries, strapped the kids in the car seats and....crap, I remembered I  had a ten dollar coupon in my wallet that I didn't use- good only through this week and only if you spend 100 dollars. Unstrapped the kids from the car seat, walked back in (can I just tell you that it was FREEZING outside) and stood in another line to get my ten bucks! If it were a dollar or two, forget it, but this was ten dollars and I wasn't missing out on it. This was the last thing I did at Meijer today besides leave. When I have three little ones I will be going to the store with my husband or by myself. That was enough to be my workout for the day!

Crazy hair day last year
I heard from an old high school friend when I got home and she said she was visiting Michigan and wanted to stop over! Such fun, good news! Plus, I now would have some motivation to clean my house. I was so excited that, as I was backing my van out, I failed to see that I was too close to the side and I broke my side mirror off. I parked my van, ran in and started bawling as I explained to Kyle what I had done. I haven't cried that hard in a while. Usually that kind of thing wouldn't bother me so much. My husband does such a wonderful job to provide for our family and I just did something so stupid- so preventable. Thankfully he forgave me right away and said it would be okay. Maybe it was the mascara running down my face that made him so gracious- or maybe it's because he's just that great all the time :).

Someday this picture will become very useful! :)

Got back from picking Grant up from school and found my little Sawyer covered in puke and with a bloody nose. I had 5 minutes to handle this situation before I had to pick Pierce up. One wonderful advantage of my husband working from home and a 12 year old who is pretty good with kids is during emergency situations like this, they can be a big help. Kyle called the doctor, Grant watched Sawyer in the tub and I quickly cleaned up puke off the carpet and washed blankets. I was able to leave and pick Pierce up on time. Whew!

My friend, Heidi, arrived with her two kids at the same time Kyle took Sawyer to the doctor. It was so good catching up with her and playing with her two little boys. Kyle got back and let us know that Sawyer had strep. I was wondering if Heidi, then, regretted coming, but she said she was glad she came. Sure hope her kids stay healthy!

Brody missed this pic, but I still love this. I love my boys!
The night ended with a family movie- Despicable Me. Very cute. Grant and Pierce almost finished it without fighting over something, which resulted in them heading to bed before the movie was over. Luckily for them, they had seen it before. I am sure it surprises people to think two brothers know exactly how to aggravate each other at exactly the perfect moment. :) It is usually over the dumbest things. I love doing things as a family! Even if they end up not going as I plan.

Pierce thought it would be cool if he could lean on the Washington monument. :)
We are supposed to get a big snowstorm on Wednesday! I'm excited for it for a few reasons. A) My husband works from home so he doesn't have to drive in it. B) We drive the kids every morning to school starting at 7:00 so we could sleep in just a little longer and stay in our p.j.s. Actually we are usually in our pajamas. C) I love spending unexpected days like snow days with the boys. I'm thinking we'll back Christmas cookies :) D) Snow days are still as exciting for me as when I woke up when I was little and found out I didn't have to go to school! Those are my reasons, but I understand that I'm not the only one in Michigan and some of those people who live here with me are very sick of snow and winter!

Just an update on our life right now

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