Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Joy of the Lord is My Strength

Brody's smiling for the camera. I love how he closes his eyes :)
I was reading a book and came upon this verse. The book says when we aren't joyful we are weak because the Joy of the Lord is our strength. I had never thought about it like that I guess. And when the book says "joyful" it's not like they are saying we must be happy all the time. That would be impossible because we are only human. I think having peace in that God cares for us, that he loves us, and that he has a plan for us far better than we could plan ourselves should give us great joy. I love God! I trust God and trust his plan, but sometimes it is so hard for it to sink in to my heart. Why? I don't understand how I couldn't feel this with all of my heart after he has shown me time after time how true this is. He loved me enough to even give me the freedom to choose my own path and it was horrible. Without God in complete control over my life, it just isn't as good as it could be. In fact, it is a mess! I know from first hand experience. Yet, he loved me so much still, that after I messed up my life, he welcomed me home, back into his arms and picked up the pieces.

Smiling for me (finally) and practicing for Disney with his Pluto hat.

So this week I choose to be joyful for all he has done and blessed me with. I will enjoy where I am while I'm getting to where I am going. So, although we are still "trying" for our next little family member, I am joyful that God has given me this time with my children and my husband. I believe that God will bless us with more children, which I have said before, and I will hold on to his promise and enjoy today. Sometimes I feel like I am in high school, begging my parents to let me go somewhere they absolutely will not let me go. There is nothing I can say or do to make them change their mind. The same is true with God. I can beg him to please allow me to have my way, but thankfully he loves me too much to "give in" to my begging. Nothing I can say can change what God is doing because I've given my life to him. And I WANT God to make the decisions for my life. I want his perfect plan for my life. Because what he has for me is best for me and my family. He knows my next child by name already! He knows the perfect time to bring them into our lives. He not only cares abundantly for me- but he cares the same for my children! All of them. How could I not surrender everything to his control? How could I not be God's completely?

My husband tonight while doing the dishes for me. He has had this outfit on all day. I love him so much!

Of course there will be days I won't feel so strong, or joyful, but when I look at truth I will see God and his hand on my life. I will see that he hasn't left me. That he is right next to me through every tear and frustration- for all my joy and through my pain...big or small.

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