Sunday, April 10, 2011

I might just blog today

I have been so sick with this pregnancy that doing anything computer related made me want to throw-up and often times I did. So I took a long break and today, I think I am ready to blog again.

Me at 12 weeks
I am starting to show a little. My body is used to this by now, so it pops right out. I remember when I was pregnant with my first it took until about 20 weeks to show. I'm on some meds to help with nausea and now I feel like I can start thinking about this little baby a little more and less about what I should eat or drink so that I don't puke. We have been praying for this baby for quite some time now, but it is so cool when Kyle puts his hand on my belly and prays for his future child. It's becoming more and more real. Still, every time I have an appointment I have to fight the thoughts in my mind that something might be wrong. I just hold onto the promise God gave me that he is in charge of my life and his plans are for good, not for harm.

12 week ultra sound
We had an ultra sound on Friday. I feel pregnant because I've been so sick, but I really don't feel pregnant otherwise, if that makes sense.... When Kelly, our ultra sound tech, started the sonogram and I saw hands and arms and legs, It was amazing to know this little baby is alive and inside of me. I kept saying how cute he/she was because they were wiggling all over the place, possibly already developing his/her little personality. We took a quick peek at the boy/girl parts and we might have seen something sticking out, but that doesn't necessarily mean "boy". It was fun to guess if it was or not. After our appointment I used Kyle's phone to text a few people and I wrote "we may have seen a tiny little penis". Kyle thanked me for texting that from his phone and informed me that guys usually don't refer to their future boy's penis as "tiny little". That made me laugh. We will hopefully know in four weeks if we have a boy or a girl. We are excited!

Cousins at the beach
The rest of the family is doing well! We went to Florida over spring break to spend time with my twin sister's family. We miss them so much! I wish we lived closer. We had a lot of fun in 80 degree weather, enjoying the many fun things Florida has to offer. We even met a few new people that are wonderful. Next time we visit we hope to spend even more time with our new friends. Here are a few more pictures from our trip. Hoping to blog more frequently now that I am feeling better.

Sawyer and Kyle


The 6 of us with Papa and Grandma

Grant and Cobe with Timone


  1. Glad you were able to get some meds to help with the nausea/vomiting...thats definitely no fun! COME ON 2nd TRIMESTER!!! Maybe all that will subside in a couple of weeks!! KMFX crossed for you!! ((((hugs)))

  2. Just saw this comment! Thanks Christina!! Glad to be feeling better finally!